Tax Return Accountant, Eastbourne

As a tax return accountant / bookkeeper, based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we can complete and submit your self-assessment tax return to HMRC on your behalf.

We do this for many busy self-employed people, small business owners and landlords earning rental income in Eastbourne, Hastings, Seaford, Uckfield and throughout East Sussex.

ECK Tax Returns

It’s typically best to let a tax return accountant or bookkeeper take on the responsibility of your self-assessment because:

  • you could be earning money instead
  • it’s not straightforward
  • it’s time consuming
  • you’ll receive a penalty if you miss the deadline
  • they are experienced in the nuances of allowable expenditure.

So let us take the stress and we’ll happily explain anything you’d like to know. We always aim to speak in plain English and avoid all those complicated HMRC accounting terms!

Who needs to file a Tax Return?

There are lots of different situations where you will typically be required to register for a self-assessment and need the support of a tax return accountant.

The list includes:

  • limited company directors, unless all of their income is paid and taxed through PAYE
  • limited company shareholders
  • self-employed individuals and sole traders
  • members of limited liability partnerships (LLPs), unless their income is salaried
  • partners in a business partnership
  • anyone who receives income from:
    • land or property in the UK
    • tips or commission
    • dividends, investments, or savings
    • non-UK sources
  • anyone earning more than £100,000 pa
  • anyone in receipt of Child Benefit who earns (or whose partner earns) over £50,000
  • individuals who wish to claim certain Income Tax reliefs
  • anyone who has to pay Capital Gains Tax

I’m very happy to have met Elizabeth at ECK Bookkeeping & Accounts. She has helped me so much, she is very professional and kind. Elizabeth gave me lots of time to help finish my paperwork and my first ever Self Assessment Tax Return. 100% recommend!

Loreta GrytieneExecutive Director, Loreta’s Tropic Oasis – Tonbridge, Kent